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Riglos Gran Malbec

Loire Valley-native winemaker Jean-Laurent “J-L” Groux masters the ‘art of assemblage’ on the winery’s signature wines: Stratus Red and Stratus White, blending from some of the vineyard’s 44 different blocks showcasing distinct soil profiles. Cabernet Franc proves to be the star amongst the reds planted in the region, and the cold winters create unique conditions for the production of Icewine. Paul Hobbs grew up 20 miles from the property and has been collaborating with J-L Groux since 2009 in furthering the sense of place of the wines.

Stratus White technical sheet 20122011 

Stratus Red technical sheet 20122010 

Stratus Cabernet Franc technical sheet 20122010 

Stratus Riesling Icewine technical sheet 20152013


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